Who I am, what I do...


I am Tosin, a blessed creature who loves God. My faith is my future and it is intertwined with everything I do today.

Loving God is key and having realised He has blessed me with the love for writing, I write about everything; and by His grace,
I find joy expressing myself in a Godly manner.

There is no such bond as better than a relationship with God. I start with Him and End with Him and as part of my purpose express this same love to others through my blog. As you explore my blog, I pray the Lord bless you, show forth for you, unlock those potentials in you, reveals Himself to you and answer you in your time of need. AMEN

Bible Student

I'm a growing student of the word of God. I LOVE the scriptures, It is my source of life.
You should try it

A Sister

I'm a sister who is happy and willing to listen to you, deliberate with you, pray for you and with you.
I believe iron sharpens iron.

An Analyst

I'm quite a techy person and work as a Business Analyst. I own a training school where I educate, inspire and motivate people, driving them towards achieving their career goals