Get Understanding!

“So pay attention to how you hear. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what they think they understand will be taken away from them.”

Memory Verse: 1John 5:20a “And we know that the Son of God has come, and he has given us understanding so that we can know the true God.

Have you ever had conversations with people and thought the topic of discussion is logical and pretty simple, anyone should easily understand it? But then, you find out that the person you’re conversing with simply has no clue? That can sometimes be frustrating. At times one may think things are straightforward but what I’ve found out through the world of God is that people’s understanding can gradually decline for a number of reason and in various areas.

The ability to understand means you are in a position of clarity. You are at a current level with the potential to advance to the next stage. You have moved to a stage of confidence due to your level of knowledge and as a result you are able to improve your life and that of those around you.

Understanding the word of God and His plans for your life is the most solid foundation any living human can have. This can determine the quality of life you live overall and help you potentially face your future without fears even amongst very serious storms.

This is the simple reason why the devil is determined to ensure that people all over the word continue to live in bondage hence they have no urge to get the wisdom of God.

In proverbs 4:7, we are told to get Wisdom but in all get an understanding of that wisdom. In other words, you need understanding of a situation in order it apply wisdom. Naturally if you have wisdom you should be applying it but how then do you known when and where to apply wisdom? 

God is the only source of understanding. He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, 1Corinthians 1:27a which is why some things will never add up unless you approach them through the word of God. With all the self-acquired knowledge of the world, unless God sheds light on some situations, everyone including the wise people will continue to go round in circles. 

Jesus tells us in today’s bible reading according to Luke 8:18, that only those who listen to His teaching will gain more understand from Him. This is bearing in mind that Jesus has already given us the required understanding, 1John 5:20. Your ability to improve or diminish is your decision based on how you take the word of God which determines your way of life. 

Your ability to live a prosperous life depends on how much you cherish understanding, Proverbs 19:8 and if you truly cherish understanding, you will be constantly tapping into the word of God which is the source of Understanding.

Wisdom is only 50%, Understanding is the other 50%


  • Father I thank you for another wonderful week just concluding
  • Thank you for your unending grace and for being an embodiment of wisdom
  • Thank you for your understanding and the gift of your word
  • Father grant me wisdom, knowledge and understanding today
  • Help me to proper by dwelling on you word and doing that which is therein
  • Forgive my sins O Lord, let your mercy prevail
  • Thank you for answers to prayers, In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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