Day 7Area of concentration 1 John 4
In your own words, explain this chapter using examples and bible refrences to support your summary
Day 6Area of concentration 1 John 2

1. Why we should love God instead of this world ?
2. Why we should maintain a close relationship with God?
3. How will you know a person is an antichrist?
4. How do we know that we know Him?
5. What is the old commandment?
6. What’s the different between a person in darkness and light?

Day 5Area of concentration 1 John 3
1.   According to John , when are you being faithful as a believer?
2.  John commends this group of believers for their
3.  Why did John rejoice greatly?
4.  What should we as Christians follow?
5.  What Does John wish for above all things?
6.  Who hath a good report?
7.  Summarize verse 13-14 in your own understanding
Bonus question .. Beloved, do not imitate what ……. He who does good……, but he who does evil……
Day 4Area of concentration 1 John 3
1. Who is a murder?
2. Why are we not to be like cain ?
3. Who are those who abides in death and how?
4. How can you tell that people are righeous?
5. How can you tell the difference between the children of God and children of the devil?
6. Why dont people recognise God’s children ?
7. What will God’s children be like when chist appears?
1. How does John define love?
2. By what means can we identify decievers?
3. Why should we not recieve into our home those who don’t teach the doctines of christ?
4. How can you identify a deciever and an antichrist?
5. Why did John rejoice greatly?
6. What is the commandment that we had from the beginning?
7. Why should believers watch out for decievers?
Day 2 – Point of Concentration 1 John 5
1. Can you be born of God and how?
2. What is the relationship between loving God and loving others?
3. What is the relationship between love and obedience?
4. How can a beliver conquer the world?
5. How and where did God testify about His son?
6. What is the relationship between Jesus and life?
7. What is the assurance John gives to believers?
8. 1n 1John 15-16-17, John talks about believers and sin, what are your learnings from these verses?
9. Why did John say the world is under the control of the evil one?
10. How can you live in fellowship with God?
Bonus Question: Dear children, keep away from ———— .

1. John made it known to the readers of this chapter that the words He is talking to readers about are the word of ?
2. What message has John heard from Jesus and now passing unto the readers of this chapter?
3. How can a beliver not be practicing the truth ?
4. What are we doing if we say we have no sin?
5. How can we call God a lair?
6. Why did John write this chapter?
7.What did John say his hand has touched?

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