Grow By Lifting Others!

“Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.”

Memory Verse: “But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

Growth is a very beautiful thing because with growth comes encouragement, something which gives us the ability and desire to do more and invest in continuous growth. Anyone with a mindset to grow will generally be driven and invest a lot of resources in wanting to see results just so they can achieve their desired growth target and then move to the next. There’s just never a stopping point when it comes to growing but not all growing includes physical increase in one’s self.

While studying at the university, I had the opportunity to work as an independent consultant for a networking company and they had a growth structure. Interestingly you could grow by sales and get recognised for being a brilliant independent consultant but that have only one way you can earn income. The most versatile way to attract more income was to grow a unit of Independent consultants which meant not just selling but sharing the business opportunities with other ladies.

This way you earn income on your personal sales, their sales and you climb up the ladder attaining various ranks depending on not just how many independent consultants you recruited directly but also on how many other people your recruits introduce to the business. You grow financially and you earn a status within the business.

Spiritually growing in faith is pretty much the same structure. Someone introduce you to Christ and you spend quality time building a relationship of getting to know God. While at it, with time the Holyspirit becomes your guide, constantly building you up spiritually but there comes a time where you have to begin to share the word of God with others and introduce others to God. That’s is another level of growth and that’s the fruit you are expected to produce. The bible talks about the joy in heaven over a sinner who repents Luke 15:7 and also for you there is a reward for introducing such soul to Christ.

Christianity is not about ourselves alone, we are likewise mandated by Christ to lift others by sharing the word of truth with them. The more you lift others up and help them grow, the more you grow too. It’s like the job of a teacher, when you keep teaching and developing, you become a better teacher each day. The more you give the more you increase, the more you study the word of God, the more understanding you get.

Have you been thinking of growing spiritually this year? Ask the Holyspirit to give you what it takes to lift others and you will be surprised by just how you will increase on every side.

It doesn’t matter just how little you know or have, you are still in a position to help another.



  • Father I thank you for another amazing year just commencing
  • Go Ahead of Me Lord, guide me, order my steps, direct me and let this be my year of unprecedented grace.
  • Give me Oil, keep me burning and let me never depart from your presence.
  • Let me Lord be positioned in your presence, have a good relationship with you and draw nearer day by day with all my hope in you and not in man
  • Help me to grow as I grow others, take away drought from me
  • Forgive me Lord of all my iniquities, bless me abundantly and make me a blessing unto others, in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

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