Before You Were Born!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

Memory Verse: For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

Many times in life we find ourselves spending a lot of quality time worrying and trying all to figure out life and what the future holds for us. Often, the time spent worrying ends up not producing anything tangible and while worrying, we capitalize on everything that puts us at a disadvantage, so worrying sets us further aback.  

The circle usually starts off when we hit a setback in life, we then begin to question our abilities, we question our usefulness and eventually when no progress is made, we then dig out what we think makes us less capable and capitalize on those. Humanly, during that phase, we completely forget our formation and how we were made, we forget God who made us and what He is capable of doing.

The word of God came in handy for Jeremiah. The word spoke to Jeremiah at a time when he wasn’t physically qualified and we knew this from his response which showed he wasn’t humanly ready for the assignment ahead of him. Looking closer to his response, his first words were “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.” Jeremiah 1:6.

Similarly, Moses was another who disqualified himself based on his abilities. When God called him, he responded to God saying “O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.” Exodus 4:10. Jeremiah and Moses both had something in common, they did not understand their formation. There are a number of biblical references where people disqualified themselves and this was due to lack of understanding of what God has planted in them when He formed them and also what they are able to do through God’s given strength.

A question to you today is, do you understand your formation?

Most things in life has been decided before we were born. The Lord already sorted Jeremiah’s life out before He was even formed in His mother’s womb and he was ordained pre-birth. So therefore the assignment God was sending Him on was one that he was created for, only that Jeremiah had no idea.

We can imagine Jeremiah may have even been looking at other prophets and thinking wow how I wish I had what they had not knowing he had it inbuilt. Many things we are bothering ourselves about are already predestined but we are wrongly positioned for activation into glory.

Jeremiah s call to prophecy came at God’s appointed time, when God was ready for him to begin ministry but interestingly we see that Jeremiah recognised the voice of God. There was no argument on who was conversing with him. Jeremiah already knew so he said “Ah, Lord God!”

Your birth is not an accident, your parents may have or not planned you, but just like Jeremiah, God formed you in the womb and knows you therefore you are special to him. Yes you are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14. God is paying attention to you right now even when it seems you are all alone but we have to walk with Him to activate our right formation.

Every time spent away from God worrying and trying to work out your own life will only continue to lead to further disappointments, frustration and setbacks. You are special to God and  God has and will always have you in mind, Psalm 8:4. So it’s time to let go of all the worries so you can hear the voice of the one who created you and begin to perform in your calling like Jeremiah eventually did.


  • Father I thank you for another great day full of love and grace
  • Help me Lord to live in oneness following your principles and sharing your love with others
  • Help me to believe in the abilities you have given me, understand my formation and cast aside every element of worry and attributes of setbacks.
  • Help me to be fully devoted to you and be passionate about my relationship with you
  • Go Ahead of Me Lord, guide me, order my steps, direct me and let this be my year of unprecedented grace.
  • Give me Oil, keep me burning and let me never depart from your presence.Forgive me Lord of all my iniquities, bless me abundantly and make me a blessing unto others, in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen

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