No Switching off!

And He went through the cities and villages, teaching, and journeying toward Jerusalem.”

Memory Verse: But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. Galatians 5.18

How do you see the life of a Christian? Does it sometimes feel like it’s a lot of hard work and as a result, you only really put aside certain times for fellowship and services? If the only time you spend on the word of God is when you hear it through the mouth of a preacher then you may not only be missing out on a lot of good benefits, you also are at a risk of constantly putting yourself behind the veil. You may still be like the children of Israel who depended on their intermediary (Moses) to reach God and were only truly switched on towards the things of God when Moses was directing them.

The era before the holyspirt was a time of dependency on other prophets. Man depended on prophets to hear from God, Prophets depended on God to deliver messages to the people. Things have changed! The world has evolved and while many have embraced majority of the changes in the world, a good proportion are still yet to embraced spiritual changes which entails living, breathing, walking and depending on the holyspirt.

Jesus is our guide and a good look at the life of Jesus through the events recorded in the bible, we see that He was led by the spirit of God even to be tempted and the spirit of God himself positioned Jesus in that location at that time. Jesus was led by the spirit because He was filled by the spirit even when He was alone and as a result, the spirit of God gave Him the right words for every temptation the devil threw at him so the devil had no choice but to flee. Matthew 4: 1-11.

The angels of God did not come to take care of Jesus until the Devil left so Jesus was only left with the Spirit of God that lived inside of Him.

As Christians, there is simply no time where we should decide to have a me-time away from the spirit of God. We see from today’s bible reading that even when Jesus went through cities and villages, He was still teaching and as for Him, it had become a way of life.

The spirit of God is the greatest gift Jesus left us as believers and unless we are led by the spirit then we are still under the law. To exclude ourselves from the bondage of the law, we must be led by the spirit.

Is Christianity your way of life or your religion?


  • Father I thank you for another word of grace
  • Thank you for your blessings which I daily see
  • Help me to stay switched on in your presence, never to go cold
  • Help me to focus only on you God and serve no man-made gods or creation
  • Help me to live a spiritually profiting life and fulfil that which you expect of me
  • Strengthen my relationship and fellowship with you Lord, let me be consecrated to you forever all my life
  • Let me not be replaced O Lord, use me for Your glory Lord.
  • Draw me nearer and closer to you, help me to maintain communication with you
  • Remove every grease in our relationship Lord, let me get to know you more than ever before
  • Father let my life be an expression of your grace and let your favour be my portion.
  • Forgive my sins Lord and answer my prayers, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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