Jesus Christ, our Shepherd!

Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever.

Memory Verse: Psalms 23:1, The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.”

Having the book of the law not depart from our mouths and meditating on it day and night is a lifestyle parents and religious teachers have practiced to imbibe in children from childhood irrespective of religion and I am aware of some religions especially Christianity and Islam teaching their children verses from the Bible and Quran all for the purpose of it sticking in their memory and they knowing there is someone supreme to worship and belief in. Growing up as a Christian child, Psalm 23 was one of the Bible chapters we were taught to recite. It almost felt like one of the criteria for being part of the children’s church at that time.

But despite reciting this Psalm amongst others, a lot of times off by heart, most of us children didn’t have an in-depth understanding of what it truly teaches. I personally don’t think we were bothered much about the significance but as long as we were able to recite it, then all was well. Looking back now, it feels like a prep for when we will need it because then, the understanding of “I shall not want” was the responsibility of our parents, a dependency on them to provide and meet all needs from tuition to food to clothes and other needs and wants, if we are good.

A quick look into the Cambridge dictionary and a Shepard is described as anyone who takes care of sheep but not only that, that individual is also responsible for taking their sheep from one pasture to another. This definition brings our memory verse to light, Psalm 23:1.

If the Lord is our Shepard, then we automatically we are His sheep. Some of the characteristics of a Sheep is naturally timidity and being defenseless. For a fact, sheep tends to flee at any sign of harm. They are unable to fight their own battles, don’t have a clear sense of direction and usually will never go to even drink water by themselves for the fear of getting their woolly body soaked up. Even worse, there is the fear of getting drowned as sheep aren’t natural swimmers.

As human beings, we may naturally see ourselves as totally independent of God and can do almost anything we desire to do, after all, God created us in His image so we have certain abilities, dominion and power. He made us to be capable to do things at our own free will but it is brilliant to remember the freedom to do things doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done, it doesn’t connote independence from God. The availability and ease of all resources does not mean taking God out of the picture, moreover, He is the creator of all these too.

The Christian life is that which is Shepard by the Lord. It’s a life of total dependency on God in every area of life not just some. As sheep possess the natural ability to wonder and make a mess of things, so are human beings likewise. We are at times quick to make a mess of most situations and lose control of things without the ability to fix them. This is not about spirituality but a human nature. The bible references some great people closer to God such as Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Solomon and the rest alike; they all in their human nature made a mess of themselves at some point in their lives. As powerful as Samson thought he was, he made a mess and at the end had to turn to God whom he initially disobeyed.

As our Shepard, God is our automatic Shield, defender, director, guide, provider, name it. He cares for you, a reason why the psalmist according to Psalm 23:1-5, was able to write some of many benefits he received from surrendering all and allowing himself to be Shepard by the Lord. .

Jesus is the door through which we have access to God and as His sheep’s we are to know the voice of our Shepard, John 10:1-3. We have to bear in mind that there are various Shepard for various sheep. If you are still in confusion then it’s best to check if you are being Shepard by the Lord or by someone else; this is because God always surround His sheep 24/7, He knows them and they know Him, Psalm 125:2.

God knows our nature and without Him as our Shepard we are completely helpless. God is able to redirect you today as He is the good Shepard, only if you let Him by surrendering all to Him, Isaiah 53:6.


Prayer Points:

· Father, I thank you for great is your faithfulness

· Father, I surrender all to you, be my Shepherd O Lord.

· Father strengthen not to rely on my own capabilities but to totally depend on your abilities, help me to trust in you totally.

· Hold me by your right hand o Lord and let me have victory in all tests I face in life

· Thank you for forgiving me of my sins and answering my prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Have a productive day, God bless you.

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