Follow Gods word!

“He said to him, “I too am a prophet as you are, and an angel spoke to me by the word of the Lord, saying, ‘Bring him back with you to your house, that he may eat bread and drink water.’ ” (He was lying to him.) So he went back with him, and ate bread in his house, and drank water. Now it happened, as they sat at the table, that the word of the Lord came to the prophet who had brought him back; and he cried out to the man of God who came from Judah, saying, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Because you have disobeyed the word of the Lord, and have not kept the commandment which the Lord your God commanded you, but you came back, ate bread, and drank water in the place of which the Lord said to you, “Eat no bread and drink no water,” your corpse shall not come to the tomb of your fathers.’

Memory Verse: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” I John 4:1

How does it feel to hear from God? Some people have various ways in which God speaks to them and when they hear it, the instructions is as clear as it could be. It’s easier to make a move when God’s instruction seem easy to implement and is within our comfort zone but when we are saddled with a difficult task like that of Abraham in Genesis 12:1, the story begins to change, and we question the instruction. We may even hear some questioning if this is actually the word of God? In the end we make compromises until we bend to suit our selfish mind.

The man of God sent from Judah started so well. He heard from God and immediately proceeded to deliver God’s message. He was not afraid of the king because he was sure this message was from the Lord . The Lord confirmed His word spoken by the prophet with a sign which manifested immediately, 1kings 13:1-5.

Despite Gods honouring His word in the life of the prophet, he only partially obeyed God’s instruction as He let himself be deceivers by someone who called himself a prophet but spoke contrary to what God had said and the end was a disaster for the man of God.

“When he was gone, a lion met him on the road and killed him. And his corpse was thrown on the road, and the donkey stood by it. The lion also stood by the corpse.” I Kings 13:24.  

When God gives you an instruction, take it very seriously without allowing any man on earth to overrule the word of God in your life. God is above every man and so the word of God is the ultimate and should God wish to redirect your path, and send a prophet to you, He will confirm His new instructions with you.

When we don’t confirm from God and follow blindly what “prophets” say, we set ourselves up for failure.

The prophet started well and almost ended well but did not end well. Almost ending gets no reward as the reward goes to those who are fully committed to the Lord and His word.


  • Father I thank you for a new week and unlimited blessings
  • Thank You for dying for me, for the grace to accept you and for access to all goodness that comes from the throne of Heaven
  • Help me to follow your word diligently and to achieve on all sides
  • I nullify every spirit of failure and near success syndrome.
  • I will finish well!
  • Forgive my iniquities Lord and help me to live a purpose driven life
  • Thank you for going ahead, Father, I am grateful for all!
  • AMEN!

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