We Are Heirs Of The Father!

 People who don’t take care of their relatives, and especially their own families, have given up their faith. They are worse than someone who doesn’t have faith in the Lord.

A hymn dropped on my mind this morning and the first line of the lyrics goes We are heirs of the Father, We are joint-heirs with the Son.We are people of His Kingdom, We are family, we are one.”

This ministered to me so much as I reflect on what God is doing through so many people to bless the outside world. As an organisation by God’S grace, people have been blessed through us, but i find myself keep questioning, are we doing enough? Are there more areas God is leading us to touch? are we looking closer even to our families rather than just out there?

God created the family as an institution Himself. He first had angels in heaven who were a family to him, then he started the creation journey making resources and animals who are have their own families too, then made man, placed Adam in Eden, presented Eve to Him, Joined them together and established the word family.

Having established this, they begat sons and daughters and on that basis, many families have evolved and having a family has since become one of the most important things in life.

In Genesis 1:27, God blessed the family and said “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” therefore His plan is that as a family we should together have dominion.

The Lord created family as a place of solace to meet our needs and develop good qualities. It’s a place where we can develop our character daily in an atmosphere of unconditional and accountable love. But we need to understand that without togetherness, the family principle is defeated.

This is because a family is not only drawn from a husband and wife but from various nations and tribe.

In today’s society, togetherness seem to be lacking. Many people do not know or relate with their neighbours, wine bars and dance rooms are filled with people who are lonely and friendship is no longer genuinely valued.

People now tend to dedicate their time to social media and no longer care about what’s happening with friends and loved ones. For some, it is simply self centeredness’ focusing on self and caring less about anyone else.

Your family is anyone whom the Lord has commanded you to love which is everyone. Every member of the family should be devote to Godly teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers. We as a body of Christ are called to be united. We are one in Christ.

Christianity and the church should bring people together. In God’s sight, there is non that is more important than the other. We all have the same assignment which is to Love each other as one family.

The Church of God is a family and we must part with just being friendly with our selected families but genuinely embrace everyone from different classes weather they are young or old, rich or poor, conservatives or liberals, or even worse-off than us.

We can easily say there is a family when there is peace, love & harmony. We need to start treating people as family, because we are one in Christ.


  • Thank you Lord for another amazing day
  • Help me from today to Love everyone as you have commanded and to reach out inspiring lives and taking care of those who need my suport 
  • Forgive my sins Lord and bless me with resources to bless others
  • Thank you Lord, in Jesus name I PRAY. Amen

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