Salvation For Believers!

I am proud of the good news! It is God’s powerful way of saving all people who have faith, whether they are Jews or Gentiles.

Memory Verse: “I am the way, the truth, and the life!” Jesus answered. “Without me, no one can go to the Father. John14:6.

Being a Christian is not ordinary, salvation isn’t some casual activity. The gospel of Christ is not just history that is being told to enable people understand the origin of Christianity, neither is it just stories of a man that worked wonders. It’s a lot more than an emotional movement, it is so powerful that its effect is felt on earth and in Heaven; not only that, it has been an impactful occurrence for decades.

When Jesus was sent to the world, he healed the sick, fed the needy people and raised the dead but His most important assignment was to bring Salvation to the world. John 3 :16 tells us this but the latter part of that verse made it clear that salvation is not for all. Those who believe in Jesus will not perish but have eternal life, a verse which means those who do not believe will perish and have no access to eternal life. The Key word is believed, and it comes with a choice.

When an individual is saved, first there is celebration in heaven, Luke 15:7, there is then a change to that individual’s life as the person now has access to the Holy Spirit who begins to reside in him or her, work on the person and from here the transformation process begins. This enables the individual to walk with and for God in all areas of life and finally the individual is sure of eternity by His grace.

When Apostle Paul says he is not ashamed of the gospel, it’s because he has the understanding that the gospel is not simply the good book but the words spoken directly by God to us as a guide to live successful on earth (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and inherit the goodness of heaven.

Are you ashamed of the Gospel?

The Gospel is the only  way to salvation for those who believe.


  • Father, thank You for dying for me to bring me salvation.   
  • God the Son, I thank you for your sacrifice and for sending the Holy Spirit.
  • Forgive my sins Lord and create in me a clean heart.
  • Forgive my ingratitude and help me to live a life that loves you and is passionate about you
  • Father, help me to pray without ceasing and pray prevailing prayers.
  • Father strengthens my faith, help me to be bold about the gospel and to live a life of truth and faith.
  • Father, make me an evidence of answers prayers.
  • Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name I Pray, Amen.

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