Proverbs Challenge DAY 9

Invitations of Wisdom and Folly

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☆Today’s Questions☆

1. What is understanding?

A. Keeping the commandments
B. Knowledge of the Holy One
C. Hearing the voice of wisdom
D. To shun evil

2. To whom does Wisdom say “Come eat”?

A. Those who are fools
B. Those who are seeking her
C. Those who are wandering by her doorway
D. Those that lack judgement

3. Who invites insult?

A. One who advises a sluggard
B. One who corrects a mocker
C. One who pursues folly
D. One who rejects wisdom

4. What has Wisdom hewn out?

A. Seven caves
B. Seven paths
C. Seven pillars
D. Seven rocks

5. What is the response of a wise person to the one rebuking them?

A. Listen to them
B. Love them
C. Protect them
D. Reward them

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