Trusting In Gods Promises!

Trusting in Gods promises!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Bible Text: Jeremiah 17:7-8   “But I will bless those who put their trust in me. They are like trees growing near a stream and sending out roots to the water. They are not afraid when hot weather comes, because their leaves stay green; they have no worries when there is no rain; they keep on bearing fruit.”

Memory Verse: Psalms 33:4 “The words of the LORD are true and all his works are dependable.”

Trust is a really big thing for a good number of people. As amazing as it is, some people’s trust has been scarred either by relational experiences or occurrences in the environment which they grew or are growing up in. For such, trust now carries low priority but high severity and in order to prevent reoccurrence, such people try to control everything around them almost leaving no opportunity to even trust God. You’ll realise when people who have experienced betrayed trust hear of God’s promises either directly from Him or through a prophet, they automatically start playing God, doing all they can within their power to bring such promises to fruition themselves.

Trusting man and trusting God are two different things, reliance on man means becoming vulnerable to man who can have a hold over you. Though you have an agreement with man whom you can see, there is also a part where your life can become controlled when man decides or threatens to pull the plugs. But God is not man therefore trusting Him is a whole new level which means you get to trust Him even when you don’t know what His plans are and cannot physically see him, but believe and trust they are good, Jeremiah 29:11. Ideally it could be more difficult to trust someone whom you cannot see but He is ever faithful to those who are reliant and totally dependent on Him. Time scales might be different, but He always brings His promises to manifestation.

Trusting God means opening all your heart up to Him. The bible is full of various promises that people seem to miss out on because they keep their bible closed and spend no time unravelling the treasures. You cannot ideally attach yourself to His promises when you do not make efforts to know them, therefore having nothing to hold on to.

In order to trust in God’s promises, you have to know what His promises are and have steadfast and unmovable trust in Him to bring them to pass. Only then will you experience the fullness of His faithfulness. When God says in Philippians 4:19 that “with all his abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs.”, it means this is a sure promise that your needs will be met if you truly depend on His word.

For the children of Israel when then had no food, God rained down food (manna) from the sky, and for forty years He supplied their meals until they arrived in Cannan land, Exodus 16:4,35. He proved His ability to manifest in His promises.

What turn is your life taking at this point in time? are you troubled and just want all round peace? is your heart troubled for any reason at all? I urge you to search out the promises of God from His word and stay focused on it. He is your only solid rock so choose to place your trust completely in Him and He will lead you to a place of rest and peace. Don’t forget that all things work together for good for those who trust in God and His promises, Romans 8:28.


  • Father I thank You for your endless blessings and amazing promises in your word
  • I receive the grace to trust in you totally in this year 2020
  • Help me to fully acknowledge You for direction, live above fear of uncertainties and grant me the boldness to see beyond all impossibilities
  • Forgive my iniquities Lord and let your mercy prevail over judgement
  • Thank you Father and in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

I’m reading the YouVersion plan ‘Bible in One Year 2020 With Nicky Gumbel’. Check it out by clicking on the caption below.  

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