How do you treat God’s messengers?

How do you treat God’s messengers?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bible Text: Matthew10:40-42   “Whoever welcomes you welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. Whoever welcomes God’s messenger because he is God’s messenger, will share in his reward. And whoever welcomes a good man because he is good, will share in his reward. You can be sure that whoever gives even a drink of cold water to one of the least of these my followers because he is my follower, will certainly receive a reward.”

Memory Verse: Luke 6:31 “Do for others just what you want them to do for you.”  

From the bringing, God created man to depend on one another and this brings to light the story of Adam and Eve. It is evident God gave man authority to name every animal He created but He still saw a void because man was incomplete, He knew a helper was needed, so therefore He created a companion to help man deliver the duties He has assigned unto man. Even though man was directly created by God Himself, that didn’t make man self-sufficient.

Just like the creation of man, when Jesus was sending out His disciples, and gave them authorities to do all kinds of miracles and deliverance Matthew 10:1,8 but He sent them out with instructions one of which was not to prepare for material things needed for the journey ahead “Don’t take any money in your money belts, no gold, silver, or even copper coins. Don’t carry a traveler’s bag with a change of clothes and sandals or even a walking stick. Don’t hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve to be fed.” Matthew 10:9-10 NLT

It is clear that Jesus sent His disciples out with the intention of them fully depending on people outside their assignment which today represents you and I. Yes that’s right, the Welfare (basic needs) of God’s servants are our responsibilities because Jesus has made them dependent on our resources.

Some people have all sort of opinions when it comes to God’s messengers (prophets , faithful servants of God) but the number one source of truth is the bible, one of which Matthew recorded in Matthew 10:42. While Jesus does not make it mandatory for you to receive and cater for His messenger, He however rewards those who do so because they accept Him when they accept His messengers.

The bible records of various messengers of God being sent to various people such as Abraham, Lot, David, Rahab and the rest alike and there was always a reward based on how they received messengers. Because of how Lot received the angels of God being sent to Him, His families were spared from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Read Genesis 19:1-25.

While God’s messengers don’t always come into our lives the way we expect them to as God chooses to use any of His creation as massager. In Abraham’s case, The Lord sent vultures to eat the carcasses of His offering, but Abram unknowingly chased them away which lead to the punishment of the Israelites being slaves for 400 years Read Genesis 15:7-13.

Today let’s start with how you treat those who are obviously God’s messengers, do you entertain them or rebel against God’s word? Remember His messengers carries His word!


  • Father I thank You for your endless blessings and for sending your angels to me
  • I am sorry for every way I have illtreated your messengers
  • Help me from today to show kindness always to everyone around me, including your messengers
  • Forgive my iniquities Lord and let your mercy prevail over judgement
  • Thank you Father and in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

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