You Can Count On God!

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand

Memory Verse: For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. 1 Corinthians 3:19a

Most times, we as humans want to have people around us to satisfy that need for closure but the more interesting part i’ve come to realise is that people have friends for various reasons. I was having a conversation with a associate few weeks ago and she said she calls me when she needs advice on specific things. She went further to reveal that she had issues relating to other aspects of life she also has other people she speaks to about those various other things in life.

While some people may prefer not to talk to so many people about various aspect of their lives, they usually have someone they speak to about majority of the decisions they have to make and just move on. Others find speaking to various specialist as the only way to progress without mistake and this makes me wonder where we position God and what we think the Holyspirit functionalities and capabilities are.

Often Christians just have this idea that they will talk to God about things they think should concern Him. Just like when major things happen or they hit a road block and need a way through and yes when thinks are successful, they then go back by way of update to thank Him for those things He has done. This approach partially involves God and whiles it’s not totally wrong I think we not only underestimate the position of the Holyspirit in our lives but also what He can really teach us and how He can direct us.

Whiles reliance on men is not a bad thing, counting on God is the most sensible thing to do because the most intelligent man on earth is still very foolish and even the plans of God that seem foolish to us is wiser than the wisdom of the most intelligent man in the world 1Corinthains 1:25. Those plans that we go on making and stressing over, looking for world experts to help us through can be easily reshaped by God and turn out to be more successful than any human can ever imagine.

You will be surprised just how your life can turn out if you count on God with everything that concerns your life and am not just talking about the major here, I am talking amount those things that you don’t think He will be interested in. The Holyspirit is ready to listen nonstop and willing to communicate with you and direct your path nonstop but you have to be the initiator of such because God does not often force his decision on us and we see that He gets involved to the level we involve Him in.

Listening to my daughter’s attempts on bed time prayers opened my eyes more to what Jesus meant when He said becoming like little children Matthew18:3. My daughter starts with “we thank you Lord” and she goes on to speak about every single thing she can remember that has happened in the day. Sometimes I hear her mention her doll fell on the floor, she had biscuit, mum showed me this, dad did this. The list of things she tells God at night is a full report of what had happened as long as she can remember it, she mentions them and you really have to be patient until you hear her say In Jesus Name then you know that was the end of the prayer. 

I learnt a lesson from my 5year old. We really don’t tell God enough and we don’t use the Holyspirit enough. Our world has distracted us so much that everything just seems so overly complicated so we trivialize the place of the Holyspirit. God can be counted on to listen as the Holyspirit will advise you. If in doubt, try speaking to God about something totally random and see how the Holyspirit helps you navigate life. 

Because God is the architect of this world, He created it and everything in it Psalm 24:1, He is the best person to involve in every details of your life, this practically means everything and anything and even when we are faithless, God remain ever faithful 2Timothy 2:13.

Don’t limit your conversation with God, tell Him, trust Him with all and see Him working it all out for you Romans 8:28.


  • Father I thank you for your steadfast love which never ceases
  • Thank you for getting involved in every area of my life and for keeping me alive
  • Help me from today not to rely on men, but speak to you more and celebrate the functionalities and capabilities of the Holyspirit that you have given to me
  • Forgive my sins o Lord and receive my sacrifice of praise, AMEN.

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