Wait till God Speaks!

“Moses answered, “Wait here until I have received instructions for you from the Lord.” Read Numbers 9:1-12.

Memory Verse: “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” Psalms 27:14.

I believe one of the human attributes is rushing! I sometimes wonder exactly where we are rushing to because without doubt, we rush a lot. Most people become very restless when they have no sight of what happens next but then, why will you or do you need God if you already have your own life all mapped out? How will you follow His direction if you always have the best way out of situations? He is no second fiddle and will not manifest when you are adamant about your ways, your will and your own thoughts.

Being a Christian means accepting that your life is planned by God, agreeing that He will plant things in you such as ideas, instructions, directions and more and believing that you will be watered by Him according to His perfect plan for your life; not you having your way. I know it doesn’t always seem very straightforward as sometimes we then think we may just dry out waiting for the Lord, but that can and will never happen if He is all you depend on. He never every fails or disappoints His own who wait patiently on Him. He is indeed faithful to all.

Most of the people cited in the biblical records of events were people who either depended on God and as such always enquired directly or through His prophets about His intentions before they take any step at all. And following this steps, we see God stepping in, evident from the success rates when the people went on battles and how their lives turned out compared to those who neglected God and made their own decisions without God in the picture.

The Israelites were unstable as we see from bible but most times they were really looking up to God for instruction just like we see in today’s bible passage. They knew they had to celebrate the Passover according to Gods instructions but some of them didn’t qualify for that celebration hence they had three options. Completely ignore instructions and join in on the celebration which definitely has consequences, ask for direction on the possibility of celebrating, forget about the Passover completely.

Every decision you take in life without hearing from God may end up in disaster and every time you don’t know what to do, your best option is to keep asking from God until you get a signal. Yes, waiting is exhausting but I always ask a very important question, where exactly are you rushing to? 

If you take a step back from every situation and breathe, you just might be able to see why you are in that situation and knowing God the Father, He speaks by every means possible. Has He ever failed you in the past? I don’t mean has He denied you any request but has He failed you? If you can confidently say a big NO, then your best option will be to wait on God until you get a green light.

My earthly father always tells me every waiting time is a holiday! I didn’t believe that when I was much younger but after a observing every time I have waited on God for one thing or another, I realised dad was right. You can never be as successful alone as you would have been if the Lord was your captain.

Caption this! A road work is usually done when no one has access to the road, hence why you have to sometimes wait. Your time of waiting is your empowerment phase where God builds you up with the skills required for the next phase of your life. The wait time does not last eternally.

Wait on God and keep asking for directions but in your waiting period be at peace!


  • Father I thank you for your wonderful works in my life
  • Thank You for being there for me and for the hope in waiting on You
  • Help me to trust in you totally and never to waver in faith when waiting
  • Let my hope not defer O Lord, answer me speedily
  • Forgive my iniquities Lord and let your mercy prevail over judgement
  • Thank you Father and in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

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