You Are Empowered For Greatness!

 “Look, I now teach you these decrees and regulations just as the Lord my God commanded me, so that you may obey them in the land you are about to enter and occupy. Obey them completely, and you will display your wisdom and intelligence among the surrounding nations. When they hear all these decrees, they will exclaim, ‘How wise and prudent are the people of this great nation!’

Memory verse: Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20

When we give our lives to Christ and become children of God, He blesses us with the gift of the Holyspirit who starts residing in us. While there is no limitations to what the Holyspirit can do through us and with us, many of us Christians tend to underestimate the power of the Holyspirit and how much He is able to do through us.

I was having a conversation with a brother in Christ and one of my questions was why do we believer in Christ very timid? is that because the devil has some sort of flashiness that makes everything seem glittery? If unbelievers can be so confident in and comfortable in their conversations about their unbelief why aren’t we Christians confident?

The list of reasons for our lack of confidence is endless but one which we focus on is our lack of knowledge of the one we call Father and His Holy spirit which dwells in us. We have capped the level to which the Holyspirit is able to function in our lives therefore restricting His capacity to function exceedingly in our lives. The word exceedingly means very much without cap or limit. The work the holy spirit is able to perform through us is unlimited but do we truly believe that?

In today’s bible verse, we see that Moses had equipped the people of Israel. He empowered them and all they needed to do was to walk completely in empowerment. The key to manifestation of that empowerment was to walk in complete obedience just like our key to doing exceedingly great is to listen completely and obey the instructions from the Holyspirit.

The Holyspirit is the only empowerment we need and yet we seem to be out looking for ways to empower ourselves therefore making the role of the Holyspirit redundant. Jesus Christ was anointed with the Holyspirit Acts 10:38 and He has given us exactly the same Holyspirit to function to the maximum, John 14:26. We have everything we need to boldly deliver as children of God and we have the full capacity of the Holyspirit to function. 

It’s a scary word out there and the devil tries to create fear in our hearts to downplay the power of the Holyspirit in us. In light of that, the word of God gives us assurance that because we carry in us the spirit of God, if we have faith, just a tiny faith like a mustard seed, then “nothing “shall be impossible Matthew 17:20.

What are we waiting for? Step out in faith, you have been empowered and begin to do great exploits. 


  • Father I thank you for another wonderful week just starting
  • I rid myself of every lack of faith and restriction of the Holy spirit today
  • I release myself to the authority of God the Holyspirit
  • This week, I shall be a great example to other believers and a living testimony of God’s greatness
  • Forgive me all my sins O Lord and let your mercy prevail over judgement
  • Thank you Lord for answers to prayers, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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