A Clear Difference!

Remind your people to obey the rulers and authorities and not to be rebellious. They must always be ready to do something helpful and not say cruel things or argue. They should be gentle and kind to everyone. We used to be stupid, disobedient, and foolish, as well as slaves of all sorts of desires and pleasures. We were evil and jealous. Everyone hated us, and we hated everyone. God our Savior showed us how good and kind he is.

Memory Verse: Then everyone will once again see the difference between those who obey me by doing right and those who reject me by doing wrong. Malachi 3:18.

God is indeed amazing to His own as He has mercifully given us everything we need. Not only to be inline, He has also put in place His word to ensure that His own children understand His clear intention towards them and their reward for obedience to Him. For the past seven days, we have studied about the letters written to the seven churches in Revelation and we see clearly that Christ is constantly monitoring every move we make and everything we do with for or against Him .

After knowing where we stand and seeing the reward for returning to Christ, it’s important to understand what we must to do to realign with God.

The scriptures today shows that there must be a clear difference in all areas of the lives of those who are called God’s own. We ought to understand that our behaviour, actions towards others and our attitude will move the hands of God either in our favour or against. It can become very confusing when we say we are Christians but live contrary to the word of God or when we say we have no way of knowing what’s expected of us. We do know God’s expectations!

The word of God is our guide and standard. It is our compass to navigate this planet and has been written through the mind of God and the bible points this out to us in 2 Timothy 3:16.

God expresses Himself by His word and He honours every single one of them. The sky and the earth won’t last forever, but my words will. Matthew 24:35.

Are you still wondering what to do to make clear all round progress? the difference must be clear to God that you are really obedient to His word by doing the right thing and only then will you also see a clear difference in what God will do with your life.


  • Father I thank you for another wonderful year 2023
  • Thank you for your purpose for me in this new year and for the grace to hear from you
  • Thank You for your word which daily gives live and increases us in understasnding. 
  • Father forgive my iniquities Lord, help me to live right before you and for you and worship you in spirit and in truth
  • Father I thank you for your love and kindness, thank you for your grace and favour
  • Help Me Lord to embed myself in your word, be fully guided by your instructions, stay in line with your commandments and do that which you desire
  • Thank you Jesus! In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

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