The Enemy Never Means Well!

Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem, and our other enemies learned that I had completely rebuilt the wall. All I lacked was hanging the doors in the gates. Then Sanballat and Geshem sent a message, asking me to meet with them in one of the villages in Ono Valley. I knew they were planning to harm me in some way. Our enemies were trying to frighten us and keep us from our work. But I asked God to give me strength.

Memory Verse: You can trust a friend who corrects you, but kisses from an enemy are nothing but lies. Proverbs 27:6.

Many times we see Christians seat on the bench with life-changing decisions assuming that the enemy may change their mind if we don’t mark our territory. We want to belong and don’t want to be seen as rude or unhospitable, so we blend into things we know are not right and as a result, we choose to offend God in order to please men.

The sad and maybe most obvious truth which we sometimes choose to ignore is that the enemy is determined, focused and always driven by their goal so they twist and turn if they have to, all in attempt to sneak in and fulfil their evil mission. But the enemy never changes their mind and suddenly mean well.

Sanballat had a mission from the minute they heard the walls of Jerusalem was to be rebuilt. He was angry and opposed to the rebuilding, that anger was maintained until the wall was completely built. When Sanballat, the governor of Samaria, heard that we were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, he became angry and started insulting our people. Nehemiah 4:1.

Nehemiah was smart, he knew that because these people had no real interest in what he was doing, they will only slow down the progress of his work and ultimately harm him. They just did not want the walls rebuilt and continued to use every trick they could in an attempt to stop it until the wall was completed.

The enemies failed to successfully stop the rebuilding of the walls because Nehemiah knew his enemies and did not negotiate terms with them. He had an assignment, he recognized distraction and understood where his priorities were, so he focused until they attained completion.

Just like Nehemiah, we will only be completely successful if we do not negotiate terms with the enemy or entertain distractions as the moment we do, we risk delay or may derail.

No matter how long we negotiate with the enemy, the enemy is never changing their mind as they have the mandate to destroy us. So we must understand this and stand firmly on that which we know and believe in, else we may fall prey.


  • Father, I am grateful for the great plans you have for me.
  • Thank you for fighting my battles and defending me against the enemies’ vices.
  • Have mercy on me Lord, forgive all my sins!
  • Help me Lord to live a life alert to the tricks and turns of the enemy.
  • Strengthen me O Lord, Let my life be an expression of your grace.
  • Help me to listen when you speak and help me to comprehend and do accordingly.
  • Help me Lord not to fall prey but to continually stand upon the watch tower.   
  • Let all my praise and worship be acceptable before You.
  • Thank You for answering and receiving me Lord, IJMN I Pray, Amen

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