Seasons of Life!

Joseph was 30 when the king made him governor, and he went everywhere for the king. For seven years there were big harvests of grain. Joseph collected and stored up the extra grain in the cities of Egypt near the fields where it was harvested. There was so much grain that they stopped keeping records because it was like counting the grains of sand along the beach. Egypt’s seven years of plenty came to an end.

Memory Verse: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven..” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Do you know about the laws of seasons(timing)? What comes to mind when you think about how this relates to personal life and experiences? The Bible tells us good stories about things that happened in specific seasons and gives an overview of the period during which that event occurred. In Genesis 41:46-49, we see a specific event and the time during which that event occurred – A season of abundance for seven years.

These seven years of abundance were such a fruitful time that the Egyptians had an excess of everything, but we don’t know if other Egyptians made any preparation for that level of abundance that hit them, but we know that Joseph was prepared. Joseph was appointed to be in charge of the whole land of Egypt as governor to manage their seasons in Egypt to ensure that according to the dream God showed Pharaoh, Egypt will be well prepared when the season of abundance ended. Seven years of great abundance are coming throughout the land of Egypt,  but seven years of famine will follow them. Then all the abundance in Egypt will be forgotten, and the famine will ravage the land. Genesis 41:29-30.

Our life as individuals operates in seasons hence why the wise king Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:1. Everything on earth has its own time and its season. We as humans operate within this law and this often drives events in our lives so as those events happen in response to seasons, we ought to understand the season and react. Many times, we don’t understand what season of life we are in, so we act opposite to how we should, hence we cause ourselves even further damage.

Sometimes our seasons don’t happen just as seen in Genesis 41. Some will hit their season of Famine before the abundance, but the reaction and action taken in those years of famine could push the season of abundance out even more or eliminate it.

It can be difficult to understand our season if we don’t align with the God who created all seasons. Joseph’s relationship with God gave the Egyptians coverage because he was able to interpret the king’s dream else Egypt would not have understood its season and many would have died in famine.

Do you understand your season? What are the events happening in your life right now and how does that align with this season in your life?

Joseph understood the season and saved not just the Egyptians but people all over the world. Genesis 41:56-57.


  • Father, I am thankful for the promises you made me, through your word.
  • Thank you for your grace, favour, blessings and Joy.
  • Have mercy on me Lord, forgive all my sins!
  • Help me Lord to understand the seasons of my life and to key productively into each season.  
  • Help me to wade off every distraction Lord and live a life full of blessings and attainment.
  • Help me to listen when you speak and help me to comprehend and do accordingly always.
  • Help me Lord not to fall prey but to continually stand upon the watch tower.   
  • Let all my praise and worship be acceptable before You.
  • Thank You for answering and receiving me Lord, IJMN I Pray, Amen

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