The Sower Has Sown Part 1 of 5


Topic: You can be different

Text: Luke 8:5-8

 A farmer went out to scatter seed in a field. While the farmer was doing this, some of the seeds fell along the road and were stepped on or eaten by birds. Other seeds fell on rocky grounds and started growing. But the plants did not have enough water and soon dried up. Some other seeds fell where thorn bushes grew up and choked the plants. The rest of the seeds fell on good ground where they grew and produced a hundred times as many seeds.

Memory Verse: Don’t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him. Romans 12:2.

Today we read about the Sower differently and look at the seeds and their independent ability. My daughter started the blame game a few years ago where she was never responsible for when things went wrong. She only was responsible for things that went right. I observed this interesting habit and in me, I knew this was potentially a route for growing into an adult who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions, be it good or bad. At a very young age, I called out that mistakes were part of being human and taking responsibility for them meant we prevented future reoccurrences.

Many of us don’t like to take responsibility, hence we escape the battle but get to war and make a mess of things on the war front. This is because we go to war without better equipping ourselves, due to several blame games being played.

Adam was the origin of blame games, but God wanted him to take responsibility for his negligence. God gave Adam a clear instruction, and though Adam engaged in eating the fruit, he was directly instructed not to eat, he blamed the woman. The woman stared at the fruit. It looked beautiful and tasty. She wanted the wisdom it would give her, and she ate some fruit. Her husband was there with her, so she gave some to him, and he ate it too. Genesis 3:6.

Eve followed Adam’s lead as she also tried to blame the snake. The Lord God then asked the woman, “What have you done?” “The snake tricked me,” she answered, “and I ate some of that fruit.” Genesis 3:13.

Many people in the bible such as Abraham, Saul, David and the rest alike also took a different direction, but you and I can be different in the way we live, act and deal with others.

The main responsibility of a Sower is to sow and Jesus has paved that way in every possible way, but the ways that we receive Him will determine what happens in and with our lives.

There is no time to blame anyone, the gospel is out for the world to see and the name of Jesus has been preached for thousand years. The only way we can live in an understanding of His word is to be fully responsible and take our relationship with Him more seriously than the things of the word! It mainly an act of being different, positively and not conforming contrarily to the word.


  • Father you are faithful and wonderful. Thank you for creating me.
  • For all that you have done, I sing Hallelujah.
  • Thanks, you for loving me and for bringing me the gift of Salvation.
  • Forgive my sins Lord and create in me a clean heart.
  • Help me to take responsibility for my actions and learn from my errors.
  • Help me to be like the wise man, who builds his house on the rock.
  • Help me not to conform but to be transformed in ever areas of life through your word.
  • Father Lord, let your hand multiply me in every realm of life.
  • Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name I Pray, Amen.

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