The Sower Has Sown Part 2 of 5, You are special to God!

Jesus’ disciples asked him what the story meant.  So he answered: I have explained the secrets about God’s kingdom to you. But for others I use stories, so they will look, but not see, and they will hear, but not understand.

This is what the story means: The seed is God’s message.

Memory Verse: Whatever the Lord God plans to do, he tells his servants, the prophets. Amos 3:7.

What does being special mean? It means being separated for a special occasion. The Cambridge Dictionary defines special as not ordinary.

While growing up, we used to have special clothes, particularly during Christmas because the birth of Christ was important to our Christian family and so my parents did everything to make Christmas that special occasion where everyone gathered at our house to celebrate.

Christmas celebrations were special to them but as kids, we just enjoyed the privileges of having our uncles and aunties who came around with various gifts plus the excess food and drinks which lasted days after the day itself.

Like kids, some of us believers don’t understand our place with God. We mistake being special for being free to break rules but in the real sense, they are two different things. The children of Eli were special but were mistaken for their position as being untouchable. They lived in disobedience to the word and instructions of God, and we see that they paid for the consequences of their action. 1Samuel 2:12-36.

There is a place we get to with God that makes us special. This special place gives us privileged information like Abraham and Moses to see/hear God’s intention and preventative actions to take where we may have been impacted negatively. According to the scriptures, Lot benefited from Abraham’s special position with God because He had clear information and was not destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah.

God has sent His word and Jesus in person to remind us of how special we are to him but the choice to accept Him into our lives and work with Him lays with us. We hear from God but not just that, we understand Him which gives us an edge in every area of life.


  • Father, I thank you for another wonderful day in your presence.  
  • I am grateful you saved me.
  • Thanks, you for loving me and for bringing me the gift of Salvation.
  • Forgive my sins Lord and create in me a clean heart.
  • Help me to realise how special I am to You Lord and to draw closer always.
  • Help me to take responsibility for my actions and learn from my errors.
  • Help me to be like the wise man, who builds his house on the rock.
  • Help me not to conform but to be transformed in ever areas of life through your word.
  • Father Lord, let your hand multiply me in every realm of life.
  • Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name I Pray, Amen.

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