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“Come home with me,” the old prophet said, “and have something to eat.”

“I can’t go back with you,” the prophet replied, “and I can’t eat or drink anything with you. The Lord warned me not to eat or drink or to go home the same way I came.”

The old prophet said, “I’m a prophet too. One of the Lord’s angels told me to take you to my house and give you something to eat and drink.”

The prophet from Judah did not know that the old prophet was lying,  so he went home with him and ate and drank.

Memory Verse: Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying, “This is the road! Now follow it.” Isaiah 30:21.

As a much younger driver, I had what people will call in today’s time, an old school satellite navigation system. The Tomtom’s and Garmin’s weren’t proper classic compared to those fancy ones in today’s time, inbuilt into car dash with Bluetooth, MP4 Players and Car Play and more. But back then, it was a lifesaver because it helped me a lot. It was built with all the roads at that time, which was very smart, but it was not smart enough. I got to my destination, but I sometimes spent an awful lot of time in traffic because my navigator did not give me real-time updates and sometimes had the destination wrong and couldn’t re-route properly.

I now have two different Navigators when travelling to unfamiliar places. An updated one which is inbuilt into the car dash with a map of all the roads as at the time the car was built, hence it can take me to my destination provided my destination is not a new address. That in-built navigator is smart because I get real-time traffic updates and alternative road suggestions when there is traffic ahead but still will not take me to a new address. This is where my second Navigation system, Google Nav, comes in extra handy. It gives me real-time updates, gives me alternative routes, avoids traffic based on my settings and gets updated regularly to give me clear directions to my destination, new addresses inclusive.

Of all three navigators, I prefer Google Nav, the most up to date and smartest of them all, but I may never enjoy the full benefit if I do not do as instructed. Just like when it warns me of traffic building up ahead and I decide to ignore warnings, if I end up in two-hour traffic, that’s on me for ignoring.

What do you do with the Holy Spirit?

Most times we pray in the morning as that has become our way of life and if we are patient enough, we may even hear from God, but the moment life kicks in, we continue to operate based on the information we get in the morning. Unknown to us, the devil also has or lets say heard that information and has set out to ensure things don’t work according to God’s plan. So, because we are out of sync, we fail to get our updates and eventually go back to God when things go wrong and say, God – But you said this and that.

Every time I read the story of this young prophet; I always feel very hurt by how he ended.

He was a genuine man of God. He obeyed God and carried out His instructions, but he was not in complete sync with the Holy spirit, hence he fell for the trap of the older prophet, and he ended up badly.

He’s not the only one to have ever fallen prey as the Bible covers stories of a great number of individuals(Abraham, Saul, Judas Iscariot) who all failed because they did not remain in sync with the Holy spirit, and we see that each individual suffered the consequences of their actions.

The Spirit of God is not just there for the initial instruction, but He is a spirit that leads and guides every step of the way. Adhering to His instructions means we can escape from the trap set by the devil.


  • Father, you are a marvellous God.
  • You make my life so beautiful and speak existence into me daily.
  • Thank you for your unending love and compassion.
  • Forgive my sins Lord and create in me a clean heart.
  • Help me Lord to be obedient and faithful to your instructions and guidance.
  • Protect me from derailing and block the enemy from overpowering plans.
  • Help me Lord not to be doubtful but trust totally in your word.
  • Help me to be consecrated to you and to draw nearer daily.
  • Help me to live above fear, but to operate in power, love, confidence and sound mind.
  • Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name I Pray, Amen.

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