Looking At Wrong Places!

The women were terrified and bowed with their faces to the ground. Then the men asked, “Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive?

Memory Verse: Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Proverb 3:5a

How many times have you put your mind to something really important and unconsciously depended on someone as the support system you require to fulfil those project or task only to be completely let down?

The feeling of disappointment could alter the whole plan for that particular thing you were working on, all because you placed full reliance on man to make your dreams come true and not God. It’s in the nature of human beings to change their minds on decisions whenever they wish and your unhappiness as a result of your dependability on them may either cause you to be completely destabilized and fail on the project or better still help you re-strategize depending on how you manage the situation. 

The scripture today highlights what our reasoning is like as human beings. The women who had followed Jesus from Galilee and were present during His crucifixion, death and burial went back to the body of Jesus so they could complete the task which they didn’t initially carry out. They were preparing spices to anoint the body of Jesus according to Luke 23:55-56 but they couldn’t complete the task before Sabbath. These women had the information they needed to pick things up on Sunday morning but their information was not up-to-date because a lot had changed from when they saw Jesus being buried.  By the time they came back looking for Jesus they were looking at the wrong place for Him. He had already risen from the dead therefore He was no longer there Luke 24:5.

Same as human beings, things change from time to time in life as change is the only constant thing in life. With those changes comes uncertainties and even with all the world’s extensive insurance cover, we are still not able to protect ourselves completely from eventualities. There is always that thing which leaves us feeling incomplete or vulnerable and often we associate material things as solutions to our problems.

The poor automatically look in the direction of getting rich assuming they will be fulfilled while an individual waiting on God for a child automatically thinks once they have a child then life becomes beautiful but when that desire has been satisfied, other wants crops up, it’s just the way we are created and a great economist once analysed that human needs are unsatisfiable and alongside Maslow’s theory, human race will always have a hierarchy of needs.

Knowing we will always be after one thing or another in life, it may mean that some people will naturally have a huge network of friends all playing a certain role at different points in life but unless God positons someone to bring solution to your needs or wants and at the time when you truly need it, then your long list of friends cannot be totally reliable as we see in the time of Job and his friends. 

Having tried all to get through things in life, are you still not making headways? The best question to start asking yourself is who am I truly trusting? God, myself or someone else?

Trusting in yourself or anyone else often lead to disappointment. You may be looking in all the wrong places for the right things and once you have tarried a while, frustration may kick in. 

Frustration comes from looking at the wrong places and not trusting in God. No matter what the situation in life may be, no matter what season it is, one thing to settle within your mind is that God can be trusted. Even when you don’t get a response from Him, when it looks like there is no hope at all, God can absolutely still be trusted because He never fails to deliver. His times and seasons may differ from your expectations but He is never too late and unless He is your focus, you are definitely looking in the wrong places. 

Once the angel informed the women who came to anoint Jesus that he had already risen, they remembered the words of Jesus before He died and they quickly rushed back to tell His disciples of the good news. If they hadn’t spent time with Jesus while He was alive, they wouldn’t have had anything to hold unto when they could not see Him. The question I have for you is, when things happen which word from God do you have to hold on to?

Everything else can make you happy in the meantime but only God is able to give you unending joy and peace. No matter what life may throw at you, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

There is no alternative 


  • Father I thank you for another wonderful morning
  • Thank you for your unending provision and dependability
  • Help me from today to look in the right place which is absolute reliance on you
  • Help me not to put my trust in mortals but in you the immortal
  • Send help to me in my time of needs O Lord and position me for breakthroughs always
  • Use my life as an expression of your grace, glory and abilities.
  • I am sorry for the ways I have not honored you and how I don’t appreciate you enough Lord
  • Help me from today to honor you consistently, live for you and celebrate you
  • Forgive me of all my shortcomings O Lord and let your mercy prevail over judgement
  • Thank you Lord for answers to prayers, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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