Divine Peace!

Lord, you will establish peace for us, For You have also done all our works in us.

Memory Verse: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Understanding the place of God in our lives is something a lot of Christians struggle with. Sometimes at times mix priorities up and even make complete mess of our lives in a bid to find those things the world has defines to us as the source of peace. As a result, we find ourselves starting up long journeys of pushing and pulling without consulting or discussing with God and also at times of life yet to be approved as God’s timing for us. Without doubt, we most times accomplish those goals but see that they experience a short term happiness. We soon enough realise there is a vacuum and the mind is still not at rest so we move to the next thing on the list, keeping the same cycle and this story of most of our lives. 

A quick search through the dictionary and we have various meaning of peace but a definition from the Cambridge dictionary defines peace as “the state of being interrupted by annoyance, worry, problems”. This definition gives a clearer picture of my best friend since childhood, the best friend’s name is “Worry“. I just worry round the clock, in fact I can worry for things unknown in advance and this has been my everyday life which even when I gave my life to Christ, I was still unable to let go of worrying.

I struggled so much until I started dwelling on the word of God daily and without any effort at all, I began to find out that “Worry” is becoming like an old friend. These days when the not so palatable happenings of the world attempts to pull me into the worry state, I listen to God, hear and do ad he commands, settle for His will which often I may not seem to be hearing directly but lucky for me a lot of those words are in the Bible. The alleviates my worries

This is a state we find lacking in the life of many individuals roaming round the face of the earth. Without thinking deep, it’s evident that there is something somewhere threatening humanity’s peace therefore making it a norm for us to worry non-stop and continue to do mental calculations in our heads of how things should or should not be. We actively engage our minds in the worry state, basically distressing over everything, and at this time, we make it difficult for the word of God to come into action in our lives.

Peace is a gift from God that can only be established in our lives by the author of peace Himself.  Two important questions to consider when everything around us seem less peaceful are, “are we going through a phase or have we unintentionally embedded worry as part of our day to day life?”. It is valuable to know the troubles of the world are expected to kick in at some point in life, real troubles not the one generated by our selfish desires to have it all, troubles that are unexpected and unprepared for but even Jesus has warned us ahead and the essence of His word is so we can trust in Him and decide to retain the position of peace because no matter how magnified the devil may enlarge the trouble, God is always steps ahead of him.

Because of the constant battles in the world, we can only achieve a state of peace when we live in obedience of the word of God. Understanding what God has said and is saying about our life removes the uncertainty that mostly develop into worry thereby helping us continue to focus on what truly matters.

Worry is a distraction and not only does it eat away our time, it also distracts us and hinders our ability to progress in living the life that God has designed for us, a life of peace and hope in Him. 

Determine today to walk with the Lord and earn the security and peace from being in His presence.


  • Father I thank you for you are my Lord and my creator, the lifter up of my head
  • Thank you Lord for your unlimited grace and favor
  • Help me from today to key into the peace you have given me, a peace which no man can give
  • Help me to cast every burden unto you, be obedient to your command, and submit to your will
  • Let every journey of my life and every step that I take start and end with you O Lord,
  • I renounce and denounce every worry and bothersome mindset, I receive and dwell in peace from today
  • Thank You Jesus for it is well with me
  • Forgive my sins o Lord and receive my sacrifice of praise, AMEN.

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