Finding Your Purpose – Part 2 – Why Is My Situation Hopeless?

“And He said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” So I answered, “O Lord God, You know.”

Memory Verse: “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Look around you, what do you see? We will all see things differently even if we were told to gaze continuously at the same thing. When we look at a cup of water, some will say it’s half full why others will say half empty.  The detail is always driven by what direction our minds are geared towards; so what some sees as an opportunity, others see as a problem! All this is driven by the state of mind.

A child brought up in a negative environment may find it very difficult to see anything good in anyone and the world around. Even when everything looks good, such child might project an eventual negative happening by saying something like “it’s only a matter of time”. This  is so because the mind has already been polluted and deep down, such don’t believe life could be just that beautiful, simple or any good could come out of it.

Prophet Ezekiel was taken to the valley filled with dried bones, not forgetting that his location was in response to God’s instructions. While in the valley, God asked him what he thought about the present situation, and despite being a prophet, he knew this was an almost impossible situation. The prospect was not looking good so He responded the best he could knowing that while it was humanly impossible, God is able to do all things.

Are you at that point now? You might have seen or heard what happened to some people who followed God’s instruction but had some unpalatable outcomes. You possibly have heard God very clearly and as an obedient child, went ahead with adhering to what God laid on your heart, but there you are, not arriving at a happy ending? At this point, the devil will bring to your remembrance everything that happened to others in the past when they were in similar situation as you and how it never ended or end well. Your friends will question your sanity and your family will think you made a mistake.  You will doubt yourself but now is not the time to run back or seek ungodly alternatives.

Now is the time to begin a dialog with God. It’s communication time. The  journey to finding your purpose in life is not one that can be done in isolation as it’s not one that can be done by your own Knowledge, education, experience, or money. God created you to fulfil what the human mind cannot comprehend so this  is way beyond what you can deliver, 1 Corinthians 2:9.

You need to speak to God every step of the way. This hopeless situation is all part of God’s plan and If indeed you are led by God, then every hopeless situation is for God’s glory.


  • Lord, I thank You for your wonderful works in my life
  • I acknowledge you for who you are and what you are in my life
  • Forgive my wrongdoings Lord, take my heart, and let it be, consecrated unto you.
  • Help me Lord, to operate at the centre piece of your purpose for my life
  • Help me to find my purpose, to operate in it and arrive at a happy ending
  • Father take away hopelessness in my situation, let me always emerge victorious having obeyed you.
  • I receive the anointing to bear fruits, and in substantial quantities
  • I receive good understanding of your word and the grace to rightfully apply them
  • Thank you for going ahead, Father, I am grateful for all!
  • AMEN!

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